Drawing Battle Lines

#WakingTheFeminists Wonderful work by Ciara

Chasing Aideen

Last week, I trekked to Parnell Square in the lashing rain to pick up a Christmas present for myself. The Sinn Fein shop was busier than you might expect on a wet Thursday lunchtime but the man wasn’t surprised when I told him what I’d ordered. ‘Plenty waiting,’ he said. He rummaged under the counter for a small package and then gave me a silent nod as I left, as if acknowledging the covert battle group I was joining.


My Cumann na mBan brooch glittered all day, particularly bright in the dull rain. I felt exhilarated, restored, as if I was ready again.

November, typically the dullest of months, has been astonishing. A Facebook comment from an old classmate, Lian Bell, acted like a lengthy fuse on a grenade, gathering light and force steadily until it exploded at a public meeting of #WakingTheFeminists in the National Theatre on November 12th

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About MumStandsUp

Stand up comedian. Mum. Love making folks laugh. Love being a mum not necessarily in that order :) I knew that I was going to be a performer by the age of nine. How I had that pipedream I have no idea. A shyer more reserved child you would not find and to this day that survives. Couldn't stand 'show offs' and certainly was not one. The extent of my 'artistic temperament' went no further than the coloured in picture of a Coke can in a public exhibition I think against litter in the small backwater that we had no choice but to call home in the seventies.
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