No more than she deserves — Feminist Ire

In a country which voted overwhelmingly only a few months ago to return ownership of our bodies to us, it was dispiriting, though not surprising, to watch the mob turn on a young homeless Traveller mother, Margaret Cash, for the crimes of being young, a mother, a Traveller, a woman and homeless. The mob has […]

via No more than she deserves — Feminist Ire

About MumStandsUp

Stand up comedian. Mum. Love making folks laugh. Love being a mum not necessarily in that order :) I knew that I was going to be a performer by the age of nine. How I had that pipedream I have no idea. A shyer more reserved child you would not find and to this day that survives. The extent of my 'artistic temperament' went no further than the coloured in picture of a Coke can in a public exhibition I think against litter in the small backwater that we had no choice but to call home in the seventies. "Comparison is the thief of Joy"
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